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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 8, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. a famous landmark restaurant has caught fire. we will tell you what the first firefighter saw when he got here. an overnight invasion robbery and how technology led police to the suspects across the bay. we are on the tail event of
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the weather and we will tell you what is coming up. . good morning, thank you for joining us on this friday morning. i am pam cook. >> good morning, i am brian florez. >> i am not the expert, rosemary is. >> spring is going to come back in a nice way. dry conditions for saturday and sunday. this morning we are on the final edge of the system. look at storm tracker two, waking up with cloudy skies. we may be seeing bits of rain at this time over portola valley. east palo alto and the center of the storm. i should see off the point of the coast of conception. we will look at the bay area
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weekend coming up. good morning, sal. good morning, rosemary. traffic is is moving along well. there is an accident on the dumbarton and and chp arriving on the scene. and that is a nice looking drive. and in oakland, traffic on 880 looks good as you drive passed the coliseum. we will go back to the desk. >> thank you very much. we begin with breaking news at one of the most famous restaurants. this is p chez panisse in berkeley. >> still an active scene. let me show you what is happening in front of chez panisse, this is an all wood fire. this fire is causing a lot of
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concern. it is mostly the exterior and it did get in the building and it is a while before the restaurant can open up again for business. we will take you through what happened. first call came in just after 3:00 this morning. someone saw flames and smoke coming from the outside of the building. called 911. the battalion chief was in the area. he was the first to arrive here and describe for us what he saw. >> i was the first on scene and we arrived in five minutes and had the whole front of the building on the first floor and down the south side of the building on the first floor. and with flames lapping up to the second floor. what had happened, this building is chez panisse, the restaurant. we have the manager that i am going to meet with. and discuss further what is going on. they are going to be out of business for some time.
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there is is some flame impingement to the area of the building. there is sprinkler system is and there is is exterior damage to the front of the building and down the side and toward the basement. >> back live out here in front of chez panisse in berkeley. they said there is damage to the interior of the building that will prevent the restaurant from opening and again, the sprinkler system, he said, that saved the restaurant. this entire building could be gone had the sprinkler system not gone off. this is what is happening next. >> certainly, they are doing a lot of work still and they are overhauling. to make sure the fire is not hiding anywhere. >> i asked, does this look suspicious in any way. they said it could be electrical and suspicious at this point. they don't know. and they also have more
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personnel coming out here before they leave the scene and certainly trying to get a handle on what happened. we will keep an eye on it for you though. and we will keep you updated. >> claudine wong, channel 2 news. in overnight news, san francisco police are trying to track down two people who robbed a home but they recovered the stolen items. we have where one person was injured. christian? >> reporter: san francisco police and oakland police trying to track down the suspects. this home invasion happening. and they targeted this house here on the 2100 block of 23rd street. police say it happened shortly after midnight. police confirmed for us two suspects broke into the back door of the home. once inside, police say they pistol whipped one of the people living inside the home. police say the suspects then took off with an ipad and
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iphone. one of the devices had tracking software on line and police were able to follow the signal. >> looks like we are having audio issues. meantime. thousands of family and friends and officers paid respect to the two fallen officers from cruz santa cruz. >> the -- . they filled the hp pavilion and more than 8,000 people gathered for detective elizabeth butler and loran butch baker. >> they shared their memories of the two fallen officers. >> you are the reason you are in my life. >> i whispered to her that i would take care of our boys and make sure they would always know what a great person their
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mom was. governor jerry brown, state attorney harris and former secretary of defense leon panetta attended the service. he represented the county during the days in congress. >> they drew the line. they were doing their job. and they paid the ultimate price. >> on the extended ladders of the fire trucks outside the pavilion. one was hit by bullets when they killed the gunmen. the tragic death of the two officers touched people all across the bay area. what the scene was like here when 150 people crowded onto the main street is overpass. many were overcome with emotion as they watched the procession on highway 17 as it traveled from santa cruz to san jose. when i see something like
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this happen, it is just unbelievable. it brings tears to your eyes. what has happened to our commitments. there were -- to our communities. > now, we posted much more of the memorial on our panel two website. at you will find video, slide is shows and information on the scalareship funds that have been set up for the officer's children. lots of bay area officers attended and thieves took notice. coming up at 4:45. the shocking robbery in the santa cruz area and why the timing is is no coincidence. police are trying to track down two people who broke into a home but they recovered the items. christian is is at the scene where one person was injured. christian? >> reporter: we have the audio
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issue worked out. we will look at the home targeted bit the home invasion suspect this is morning. this home here on the 2100 block of 23rd street. they say the whole home invasion incident happened shortly after midnight. early this morning. they confirmed for us that two suspects broke into the back door of the block. once inside, they pistol whipped one of the peel living inside the home. no word on how many people were home at the time of the home invasion. the two suspects then took off with an ipad and iphone. one of the devices had tracking software on line and police were able to follow the signal across the bridge to oakland. san francisco police contacted oakland -- oakland authorities to 80th avenue and plymouth and holly streets. we have officers there. it appears they figured out the police were on to them and ditched the stolen items under a parked car. they are working to tie the
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item there is to the homes here in san francisco. now, at this point there was very limited information about the suspects or the vehicle involved and we will continue to dry to get in contact with the police and get more updates about the suspects and we will work to track down the victims in this case and if they are willing to tell us more about what happened early this morning with the home invasion. we are live here in oakland. here in san francisco, rather. ktvu, channel 2 news. hundreds of homeless police in san jose will be kicked out of their current home. workers will clean up a large homeless encampment near the san jose airport. it has grown to more than 100 people since the beginning of the year and posing a threat to surrounding neighborhoods. >> an encampment of that size post -- healthth and safety ris and we don't want any risks like that to occur for anyone.
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they are currently working on a permanent plan for housing the homeless. the city is is planning to discuss the options this coming tuesday. >> venezuela is holding a funeral for hugo chavez. he died at 58 from a massive heart attack. the people of venezuela will be able to see him. his body will be embalm dollars and put on -- especially bummed and put on display near the presidential palace. north korea is adding more fuel to the attention to the rim. they broadcast new video of a military rally. they announced that it is disconnecting a hotline and canceling a nonaggression treaty with rival south korea. north korea is furious over the threat. just yesterday, he threatened to attack the u.s. there is a big rig fire.
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>> well, we are talking about the aftermath, pam, two lanes in oakland were shut down after a big rig went up in flames. this is the video we have. it happened just north of 66th avenue. the back of a fully loaded cisco food truck caught on fire. the driver acted quickly disconnecting the trailer and pulling out of harm's way. it is unclear if they have towed away the charred wreckage. they may have. we will be watching it near the area for you soon. >> we are looking at the bay bridge traffic. there is is some overnight rain and the roads are slick. give yourself extra time and this is a look at san jose. and it does look good getting up to highway 17. the roads are slick. it is 4:40. we will go to rosemary. the roads are a little damp out there and dealing with mostly cloudy skies over the bay area.
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and partly cloudy skies and we are starting to see changes. this rain is moving out. we are looking at a few sprinkles off the coastline. we are seeing it around the portola valley. this is the best place where we get a link deferring shower. this is off the point of concepcion and you see it from the south. it is going to mabry us an outside chance of a few sprinkles. as it does by tomorrow morning we are in better shape. i will show you what is going to go on today. it is partly cloudy and mostly cloudy skies. few sprinkles there. in the afternoon, we are mostly clear. we could be breezy in some areas. as we move through the afternoon and into the evening hours, i want to point you to the evening. take a look at moisture here. it is one last piece of energy that will ride along the back side of the system.
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>> temperatures this morning. it is a chilly start. santa rosa for you. and 47 in hayward and 47 in san francisco. few degrees warmer where we were yesterday morning. here is a look at the afternoon highs. 58 for mountain view. upper 50s to low 60s for the north bay. extended forecast shows you we are warming it up for the weekend. partly cloudy skies. we spring forward on sunday. sun sets at 6:12. and on sunday it will be 71:00. we do lose an hour of sleep and we do remain dry. back to you. >> i can't afford that. >> thanks for reminder. appreciate that. >> ever coming up. a mystery involving a missing man. this is leaving police with a lot of questions. breaking news from the vatican regarding the election of the next pope. you can't move the tv there.
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. improving weather is is on the way. sunnier skies and slightly warmer temperatures expected for the afternoon. time now is 5:45. we have breaking news. a minute ago a spokesman predicted a conclave will take place early next week sometime between monday and wednesday. they are expected to vote at 10:00 this morning. by church rules they could not pick a date until all 115 voting cardinals arrived at vatican city. the last cardinal arrived for meetings yesterday. >> the son-in-law of osama bin laden will appear on terrorist charges. this is after sulaiman abughaith was captured and moved to new york. they said he should be interrogated in guantanamo bay
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instead. he was a spokesman for al-qaida and appeared on channels after the september 11th attacks. time now is 4:46. this is the magician who went missing last month. he was stabbed in his apartment which was searched weeks ago. they found stanley jacobson's body yesterday. many people went into his apartment after he went missing but nobody found him. >> this is something we have to piece back together because a person was suffering from the early stages of dementia. friends called jacobson, the magician because he would perform magic tricks. >> they arrested his girlfriend. they will find out when jacobson was killed. we are learning more about a fatal stabbing in san jose. the taffe there fluent valley neighborhood killing was not
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related. he was found in guadalupe pay park. and they don't have any suspects and hope to find out soon. they took advantage of the low police presence for the fallen santa cruz officers. three masked man stormed the bank. the robbery happened yesterday at noon. one officer said the timing is no coincidence. >> i think it was a plan. and they took advantage of the law enforcement community trying to honor a fallen brother and sister. >> they left the scene in a smaller suv. >> later this morning. mark leno will make his case for a bill that will make it tougher to hold shows. >> under the bill, both counties have to approve gun shows in order for them to
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happen. we are learning more this morning how an intern at a fresno animal sanctuary was killed by a lion, diana hansen was cleaning the enclosure when the attack happened. >> the lion was in a feeding cage and snuck up behind hansen, she died instantly when the lion snapped her neck. pick slips are going out to the toll collectors at the toll bridge. nine of the 38 workers who are losing their jobs are long-time employees. starting march 27th. drivers will immediate to have a fast track account to set up to cross the bridge. they will get an invoice in the mail which must be paid within 21 days. he will stand trial in the
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death after pedestrian last year. he bolted out of the courtroom after the judge's ruling yesterday. he is accused of speeding through stop signs before hitting and killing a 71-year-old man in the castro district. if convicted. he could face time in prison. good morning, sal. >> the traffic is doing well if you are driving around the bay area. we have had a couple of things going on. they were minor and we will show you 80 west bounds continues to look good. no major problems driving down to the toll plaza. light traffic there. there is a little bit traffic in some areas. no major problems there. this is a look at south bay. northbound 880 at bascom avenue, a car went off the embankment due to the slick roads. the paramedics are there and so is the tow truck. you might see flashing lights.
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at 450, we will go to rosemary. >> i have a nice looking forecast in store for the weekend. first, a look at the round of scattered showers for this morning. as we get into the afternoon, partly cloudy skies and because of it, sitting in the 30s. petaluma. napa. chilly start for you. widespread 40s. little bit of rain here off the coastline and sliding over to the santa cruz mountains. they picked up 3/10ths and system did the same. palo alto also. this is over the last six hours or so. this could actually move in. and once it heads down the hill, it may dry out just a little bit. this storm is moving south. we have a ridge of high pressure that will be building in behind it. when we get the differences between the two patterns.
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the pressure gradient between the low and high. could bring breezy conditions to the area today. it will warm up just a bit and you are going to notice the warm up with 70s in the forecast by sunday. afternoon highs today. upper 50s in berkeley and 60 degrees santa rosa. >> 58 in morgan hill and 58 santa cruz. i will mention that even though more sunshine is in the forecast for the afternoon. there will be one last spoke of energy that will slide down the coast tonight. we are looking at the possibility of a light sprinkle. that will be it. >> it is dry and for the most. >> and few 70s. by sunday is. and carry the trend into monday and tuesday. back to you. >> thank you, rosemary. >> coming up. head's up from san francisco police. it as new crime trend. it takes one click of a button. >> attacks on your e-mail.
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the with a city that is -- the bay area city that is proposing it.
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. welcome back. he took bribes from drug dealers. sergeant michael wang is is accused of taking money from drug dealers for bribes. he is also accused of tipping
4:57 am
off a drug dealer that led to the shooting after police informant. they made the accusations and attorney for wang said the witness lied so the police would drop charges against him. they are trying to catch thieves who break into cars and then into homes. they are stealing garage openers and then using them to get into the house. police say so far they have stolen bicycles on other items in the garage and have not gone further into the home. one berkeley councilman suggested an e-mail tax to the postal service. a tax object e-mails we are talking 1/100th of a cent. and discourage spam and help with vital functions of the post office. it drew criticism on twitter. so far it is banned by congress. 4:55 is the time.
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i don't think people will like that, sal. >> no, that will not be popular. >> traffic is now moving along pretty well at the bay area toll plaza. there are no problems there into san francisco. we are looking at the commute as you drive into the city. it looks good. 880 northbound. they are picking up some road work here right near the coliseum. i see flashing lights. traffic is so light. it is not having a major affect. >> between livermore and castor valley is off to a good start. 4:56 we will go to rosemary. >> we are drying out and look at the pacific satellite there. the center of the storm off point concepcion. it is sliding in and could see an outside chance of the wrap around moisture here. actually enter the picture.
4:59 am
if we do. it will be quick moving. it is not a big deal at all. most of us will have partly cloudy and mostly sunny skies for the afternoon. temperatures will be slightly warmer am for today. they are tapering off leaving us with partly cloudy sky and the trend for the weekend is warm it up. a little cool and by the afternoon. 58 in san rafael. and 50 in oakland and 58 degrees for mountain view and low 60s around antioch. and here is the extended forecast. low 60s is what we manage. by tomorrow. mid 60s of the in the forecast. we wake up an hour earlier or at least our clocks will be. we gain an hour. so sun setting at 7:15. it is going to be a nice day. >> upper 60s and low 70s in the forecast. under mostly sunny skies. if you are ad